Fourth, Ningxia is a good place for tourism. In ancient times, Ningxia was known as the oasis in China’s hinterland. As a distinctive tourist destination in West China, Ningxia was listed as one of the 46 must-go places by the New York Times in 2013. At present, we are striving to develop Ningxia into a demonstration province of pan-tourism development, integrating all tourist resources and industries, developing 24/7, round-the-clock tourist destinations and generating opportunities for all communities in the region.

Natural landscapes

Ningxia, which is endowed with plains, mountains, rivers, lakes and deserts, is a miniature of the diverse geographical landscapes of China. The Liupan Mountain and Helan Mountain are popular all over China; while the Shapoto Scenic Spot and Sand Lake have been recommended as the best tourist destinations in China several times. Besides, with over 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, Ningxia has plenty and mild sunlight, which is neither as blazing as that in the tropical areas, nor as scorching as that on the plateaus, thus making Ningxia the best choice for a sunshine trip.

Historical Heritage

Ningxia has rich historical heritages. The Shuidonggou Site was one of the first Paleolithic sites excavated in China. Ningxia is also known as the Chinese Great Wall Museum, hosting relics of the Great Wall built from the Warring States period to the Ming Dynasty. The Rock Art in the Helan Mountain and the Damaidi Rock Art are precious treasures of ethnic art and culture. The Grottoes on the Xumi Mountain, first built in the late Northern Wei Dynasty, is among the top ten grottoes in China. The Imperial Mausoleum of Western Xia is known as the Oriental Pyramid.


Cultural Diversity

Ningxia is an epitome of cultural diversity and harmony in China. The Yellow River Culture, Nomadic Culture and Western Xia Culture all have profound historical traditions.

Hui Culture, Immigration Culture and Revolutionary Culture

The Hui Culture, Immigration Culture and Revolutionary Culture are each unique in their respective ways.

Halal Food

The Hui food pays special attention to the choice of materials, hygiene, nutrition and health benefits, which makes it a treasure in the world food culture.