Industrial development

Second, Ningxia is a good place for industrial development because of three advantages.

Network of Energy and Chemical Industry

Located in the golden triangle of energy and chemical industry bases covering Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia provinces, Ningxia boasts over 50 types of proven minerals and ranks the third nationwide in terms of per capita coal production and the first in terms of per capita electricity generation. The Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base is one of China’s thirteen 100-million-ton coal bases. Meanwhile, Ningxia is a major hub of the national West-East Gas Pipeline Project, with 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas passing through Ningxia every year. The current production capacity of coal chemical industry is 20 million tons and the processing capacity of crude oil is 12.5 million tons. Another 7.4 million tons of coal chemical production capacity is under construction, with methanol, olefin, acetic acid, and metaformaldehyde (POM) as the main products as well as hundreds of downstream products including benzene and omatic hydrocarbon, which has broad prospects for development. What is worth mentioning is the demonstration project of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd., which has an indirect coal liquefaction capacity of 4 million tons and is the largest single-set coal-to-oil project in the world. We sincerely invite you to come to Ningxia to explore investment opportunities in engineering plastics, general resin, special-purpose chemicals and other fine chemical industries.


POM Project

West-East Gas Pipeline Project

coal chemical industry

Chemical production

The indirect coal liquefaction capacity of 4 million tons

Development of Specialty Agriculture.

There is a saying in China, “Ningxia prospers on the Yellow River”, which means it is one of the four gravity irrigation areas in China, enjoying great convenience in irrigation by the Yellow River. Ningxia also has rich land resources, ranking the sixth nationwide in terms of per capita arable land. It is a national demonstration area for modern agriculture, dry land water saving agriculture, and ecological agriculture. Known as the home of Goji berry, licorice, potato, Chinese long jujube and Tan sheep, Ningxia is also an important production base of halal beef and mutton, milk, and traditional Chinese medicine. And the major agricultural products are all organic.

The Yellow River

Goji berry 

Goji berry 



Chinese Long Jujube

Tan Sheep

Halal Beef and Mutton

Cow Breeding

Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Organic Agriculture

World-famous Wine Producing Area

With 3.5 hectares of wine grapes, 184 chateaux, an annual wine production of 95,000 tons, and an output value of RMB 16 billion, the east piedmont of Helan Mountain is among the world’s best-known wine producing areas. The Bettane & Desseauve Wine Guide 2015-2016 included 31 Chinese wines, among which 20 were from Ningxia. We would like to invite friends who are interested to join us in the agricultural development and deep processing of agricultural products in Ningxia.

Second-mover Advantage in Information Industry

In recent years, Ningxia has become a rising star in this industry, thanks to its rapid development in IT technologies and its efforts to develop big data and Smart Ningxia in government affairs, politics and laws, education, tourism and other fields. Ningxia has three competitive edges in the development of information industry. Firstly, it has abundant electricity with a low price. It also has facilities for different levels of voltage, providing easy access to direct electricity supply. Secondly, Ningxia has a mild temperature. Its annually average temperature is 30% lower than that of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Thus it is possible to use natural wind for cooling, reducing energy consumption. Thirdly, Ningxia has rich land resources, which guarantees land supply. In particular, the Zhongwei Plain, with its vast expanse, flat surface and stable geological structure, is suitable for building super-large data center. Currently, Ningxia is cooperating with Zhongguancun of Beijing to build the Zhongwei West Cloud Valley, which has attracted esteemed enterprises such as Amazon and 360 Total Security. It is upgrading the 4*100G broadband to Beijing and Xi’an, aiming to gradually promote Ningxia’s Internet and information service capability to the level of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Besides, Amazon will cooperate with Ningxia to set up the Amazon Cloud Computing College to train personnel in this field. Entrepreneurs and experts specialized in big data and cloud computing are welcome to set up business in Ningxia.