Business Start-up

Fifth, Ningxia is also a good place for starting up new businesses because of the following three favorable conditions.

Excellent Combination of Factors

Every year, Ningxia uses 4 billion cubic meters of water from the Yellow River, which guarantees 31.57 million kw of installed electricity capacity. We also have one million hectares of unused land, and some 50,000 graduates from universities and colleges each year. In a word, there is an efficient combination of various factors of production. We trust your investment in Ningxia will yield fruitful results.

Well-developed Infrastructure Facilities

Currently, Ningxia has 31 development zones and industrial parks of different types, among which five are at the national level. In particular, the five China-Arab states parks under construction, including industrial park, cultural park and science park, will serve as a platform for industrial development. With so many choices, you will always find a good project to invest in.

Efficient Government Services

Ningxia has set up a four-layered administrative service system covering province, city, county and township governments, and removed 63% of items previously requiring administrative approval. We are also improving management based on the list of powers and responsibilities for government departments. All these have led to greater efficiency in government administration. On 2 February this year, when visiting the Yinchuan City Hall, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that Yinchuan has achieved the purpose of streamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower-level government and society, improving regulation and services through administrative system reform, which is an epitome of Ningxia’s sound administrative conditions. We believe investors will find our services satisfactory when they come to Ningxia.