First, Ningxia is a good place for inhabitation because of its advantageous location and sound environment.

Geographical Location

Ningxia is located on the central axis of China with an average altitude of around 1,100 meters. Sitting on the transitional area between North and Northwest China, Ningxia is an ideal place for inhabitation.


Blessed with mild summers and winters, Ningxia has a yearly average temperature of 8℃. The capital city, Yinchuan, tops Northwestern Chinese cities in air quality and “Ningxia Blue” has been praised by all sectors of the society. 

Society and Culture

All ethnic groups in Ningxia respect each other and live together harmoniously, making Ningxia a stable and orderly society and an example of ethnic unity. Over the years, different cultures interact and integrate with each other, which has contributed to Ningxia’s open, inclusive and progressive culture.